CNS Medical Education is a free, online knowledge center for healthcare professionals, which allows access to evidence-based and clinically relevant medical education. You can view international experts as they cover a range of key topics including depression, anxiety, ADHD, schizophrenia and bipolar.  CNS Medical Education is dedicated to understanding, sharing, and evolving best practices in CNS disorders.

Medical education resources include:

  • Concise clinical lessons in easily to digest format, including short videos and downloadable slide decks
  • Newsletters that have on-the-ground coverage and expert clinical commentary on the latest developments shaping treatment in mental health
  • Printable patient tools that support the future outlook for individuals with mental illnesses

CNSMedicalEducation is supported by Pfizer, Inc., committed supporters of the mental health treatment community. Most of the materials have been developed in collaboration with Global Medical Education (www.gmeded.com), a medical education company that provides live and web-based CME in the United States. The CME content for each video has been developed and/or endorsed by each presenting faculty member. No CME credits are available through any of the resources provided by CNSMedicalEducation.